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Nobody wants to say hello to my little friend, SCARFACE!

Hey folks, Harry here...  David Ayer has left the Coen Brothers scripted remake of Oliver Stone and Brian DePalma's SCARFACE which was of course a remake of the brilliant Howard Hawks' SCARFACE.  Ayer follows Antoine Fugua, Peter Berg and David MacKenzie in the list of directors that have come and gone.   Hollywood Reporter says that Ayer's take was too dark.   Yeah, story about the absolute trash gangsters of the world should be aimed for kids....  NOT.   

Really curious what the hang up is here.   Probably has something to do with following two brilliant versions of this tale.  This is one of those projects that I wouldn't cry too hard if it just... ceased to be.   I'm good on the SCARFACE 2 pack.  How about you?

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