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KILLING HASSELHOFF - would you kill David Hasselhoff for a half million?

Hey folks, Harry here...   It's time for David Hasselhoff to die!   At least in this new comedy - that I wouldn't miss for anything.   Ken Jeong needs to kill the Hoff off to pay his debts - which makes all the sense in the world to me.   I just accept that and it's time for Michael Knight to go down.   He's had his run, but personally you should get more than a half million for the head of David Hasselhoff?


Sadly - this film won't be in theaters and is instead going straight to Home Video - which is bullshit cuz this is obviously an audience movie that we all need to see together.  Right?   Well fuck you, you don't get to - it's going straight to Blu Ray and Home Theaters on August 29th!

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