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Previously. On “Twin Peaks.”

* CHUTES AND LADDERS. “Dougie Jones” can’t stop touching the cop’s badge. Janey’s envelope contains a picture of Dougie’s girlfriend Jade. One-armed Mike tells Cooper to wake up and not die. Aided by mysterious lights, Cooper pencils a series of chutes and ladders (and staircases) all over his case files.

* DIANE. The first word FBI special agent Dale Cooper speaks in the 1990 “Twin Peaks” pilot is “Diane.” A soaked Albert Rosenfield finds in a bar Diane Evans (Laura Dern).

* DIME TRICK. Red (Balthazar Getty), who says he has a problem with his liver, tells Richard Horne he can pick the rest of it up at Mary Ann’s. Richard seems surprised to find a dime in his mouth.

* RE-ENTER CARL RODD. Fat Trout Trailer Park owner Carl Rodd, the last man to see long-missing FBI agent Chester Desmond, gives a ride to Mickey (newcomer Jeremy Lindholm).

* MY NAME ON IT. Waitresses Heidi and Shelly decide to dispense free pie to Miriam (newcomer Sarah Jean Long).

* YELLOW MIST. A hot mom (Lisa Coronado of “Z Nation”) watches as her tiny son (Hunter Sanchez) gets smooshed by Richard Horne’s truck. “Hey, I told you to get out of the fucking way!!” Horne screams at the child’s corpse just before he spies Miriam carrying her coffee. Carl watches as a yellow mist departs the dead boy’s body and floats skyward.

* RED SQUARE. In a Las Vegas highrise, a red square appears upon the computer screen Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischler) is using. Taking care not to leave fingerprints, he removes a folder from the vault in his credenza. (This is Todd’s first appearance since hour two.)

* BYE DUGE LV. As a tow-truck removes what’s left of Dougie’s car, the cops find the license plate atop the drugged-out mother’s roof.

* MEET THE SPIKE. Ike “The Spike” Stadtler (Christophe Zajac-Denek), receives photos of his intended victims, Lorraine and Dougie. When Ike stabs Lorraine’s photo, her theme music ceases.

* BUSHNELL RECONSIDERS. “Dougie,” now wearing Cooper’s black suit from 1990, gets thanks from Bushnell “Battling Bud” Mullins, who tells Dougie he’s given Bushnell something to think about.

* JANEY V THE ENFORCERS. “We drive cheap, terrible cars,” advises Janey-E. “We are the 99-percenters,” she explains to Jimmy and Tommy, a pair of enforcers (Jeremy Davies of “Justified” and Ronnie Gene Blevins of “True Detective”). She then negotiates Dougie’s debt from $52,000 to $25,000.

* LORRAINE’S LAST STAND. Ike spikes Lorraine, takes out a bespectacled witness as well, then bemoans the very bent nature of his bloody ice-pick.

* EVIDENCE REMOVED. Richard Horne wipes blood off his truck’s grill.

* THE INDIAN. “Use the ladies room, Chad,” Hawk warns as he removes pages of handwritten notes from a stall door in the Sheriff’s Department men’s room.

* CHAD SUCKS. “Don’t you dare blame my father for that car not running right,” Doris Truman (Candy Clark) warns her husband. Chad tells Maggie (Jodee Thelan) he heard about the Trumans’ son committing suicide. “He couldn’t take being a soldier,” mocks the deputy.

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