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This Mike Relm Baby Driver remix will help you power into your weekend!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Baby Driver has all the buzz in the world right now, at least in critic and movie nerd circles. It's always hard to tell if the average mall-going casual movie-watcher will catch on to that kind of buzz, but all I can say is I've seen the movie twice now and there's a reason Sony is showing it to everybody early and all over the country: it's fuckin' good.

We've got two weeks to go before Baby Driver hits theater screens in general release and to get you pumped up we've got a remix by famed DJ Mike Relm. Sampling and experimenting with different soundbites actually plays a big part of the movie (it's what Baby does to relax... he creates lo-fi mixes of casual conversations and sets them to a beat), so it's pretty fitting that they're using this character moment as a way to promote their movie.

Check it out:



Enjoy that on repeat a few dozens times. It'll help you power through the day and attack your weekend with vigor!

-Eric Vespe
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