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Neill Blomkamp has a 22 minute Sci Fi Short Film starring Sigourney Weaver!!! Watch now!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Neill Blomkamp has launched this OATS STUDIO endeavour online, and we've seen teases for this short film, but last night he unleashed this sucker - which gives you a look at an impossible scenario of Aliens come to Earth, to take charge and pollute the Earth even worse than us, but maybe at the same level that Trump wants, but anyway - Where it ends, I certainly hope VOLUME 2 picks up from.   Cuz...  Don't you want to see what this hybrid guy can do?  Feels much more in the DISTRICT 9 vein than the past two features - and SIGOURNEY WEAVER in Sci Fi action - it's my bag baby!

Check it out!



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