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Do you like slashers? Do you like Groundhog Day? Then HAPPY DEATH DAY is for you!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. It might be that I've spent a good amount of time recently playing the Friday the 13th game, but I've been really nostalgic for slashers recently. The game is a love letter to the design, feel and exploitative fun of '80s slashers and has inspired some rewatches of the better Friday films.

So this trailer from Blumhouse for a flick called Happy Death Day has hit me at just the right time.

The premise is simple: a victim of a slasher relives the day she died over and over and over again and has to figure out who the masked killer is. Yeah, so Groundhog Day with knives.

The tone of the trailer is less '80s slasher and more '90s I Know What You Did Last Summer or '00s Valentine-ish, but that's okay. This sub-genre has been in the far background of horror for enough time that even the lesser '90s/early aughts slashers have grown to be a tad nostalgic for me.

Anyway, see it for yourself here:



While the premise is a little on the eye-rolling side, at least it's not a watered down remake. Above all, it looks like they're having a bit of fun and not going too hard on the "deconstructing the genre" thing.

What do you folks think?

-Eric Vespe
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