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James Wan reveals first look at Amber Heard's Mera in his AQUAMAN movie and boy is she colorful!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. James Wan celebrated the first day of Amber Heard working on his standalone Aquaman film by tweeting a photo of the actress in costume. The first thing you're going to notice is how bright and colorful it is, her flaming red hair contrasting with the Oz style emerald green of her outfit.

It's a bit of a different look for the DCEU, at least so far. Wonder Woman seems to be embracing a colorful cinematography approach (at least for the non-war stuff) as well. This could be part of the course correction going on at WB with this franchise or it could just be Wan's spunk and personality on display.

Either way it bodes well for the movie. Check out the pic below:



Lots of personality even in that little image. This and the pre-vis stuff they showed at CinemaCon makes me think this one is going to be a big ol' barrel of fun.

-Eric Vespe
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