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STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Trailer looks... fascinating

Hey folks, Harry here...  Herc's been kicking ass on the STAR TREK: DISCOVERY news - and I'm kind of holding my breath hoping for the best.  Michelle Yeoh as Captain of a Starfleet vessel has me quite excited - and seeing her in the role has me eager for this thing to launch.  Btw - they've extended the series order to 15 episodes in the first season.   Interesting look for the show...


What'd you think?   How are you anticipating this?   I love STAR TREK dearly, but have no trouble pointing out bad Trek when it drives me insane.   I just hope this series kicks ass.   Even if it is on CBS ALL ACCESS and perhaps eventually upon Netflix.   It's time to boldly go again.   Let's hope it is more about ideas than action.   Seeing a vampiric binary star with a asteroid field has me... smiling.   I want this to make our eyes go wide, our souls desire to soar and our children to marvel at the destiny before us.

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