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TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT (not JEDI) has a new International Trailer that looks real purty!

Hey folks, Harry here.   The fidelity of the image in this trailer for Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT...  well, it is incredible.   Just like a Michael Bay movie always looks.  Just about everything in this trailer looks like screen candy.  The ancient England stuff with Transformers is just - freakishly awesome looking.  I like Michael Bay.  I kinda root for him to get it altogether, cuz like Spielberg, I think the man has endless potential, if he can just nail the fucking story and tone down.   Here, he's shooting for a story to span time and space - and I really really really hope that when I'm watching this movie at the Laser IMAX for the Native IMAX 3D format - that I come away, not thinking of the cinematic piss that he's been showering us with from before...  But instead...  To hope Paramount has righted this robotic convoy - and they can just nail em from here on out.   Check out this International Trailer:


I do wish GRIMJACK talked like HULK.


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