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What do you think when you hear Robert Pattinson & GOOD TIME? A24 has a different answer!

Hey folks, Harry here...  A24 has been knocking film after film out of the park.  I love when you find a company kicking ass the way Miramax used to.   They've released 49 films since their start in 2013 - and with MOONLIGHT at this year's Oscars - they've got their first Best Picture.  They're a company making singular artistic visions.   The things we used to see from studios, between the giant releases.  Not so much anymore.  I'm fine with that, so long as young filmmakers and our established filmmakers have an opportunity to create non-cookie cutter cinema.  GOOD TIMES makes one think of having fun with your significant other, hang out with friends, Christams Morning with the Family...  But not... necessarily this:


See what I mean?  That feels like less than a Good Time, if you are a character in this film.   It looks like... BAD TIME.   Which may in fact be a GOOD TIME for all of us.   We'll find out August 11th!  


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