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THE LAST JEDI contains the most shocking reveal in STAR WARS history? Psst... we don't know it!

Hey folks, Harry here - a Japanese Leaflet appeared, today, at - and it's the exact kind of info drop that can drive one - absolutely fucking bugnuts insane trying to wonder... what the Yoda balls they're trying to get to.  "The Most Shocking Truth in Star Wars History Will Soon Be Revealed!" Ok - so - I feel, we have only had two great Shocking reveals in the History of STAR WARS - and Lucas fumbled one.   The biggest is the Vader translating Vader for LUKE from the original German.   That was a biggie.   Then the other would be Palpatine being revealed as the Sith Lord, but Lucas was never hiding that from the audience, only the Jedi - which made the Jedi all look like fools.  Which they were.  

For me, Rey's parents - at least what they were was never a particularly large deal, until JJ left it out of the first film, and the world went nuts guessing who they were.  

Now - to me, what if OB1 is really Luke's Father - and there was a secret affair with Padme, thus Ben telling Luke that Vader killed his father was true, from a certain point of view.   Meaning, only Ben knew, while Anakin would never know and Padme, well, she died taking the tryst secret to her - grave/crypt or whatever they did for her on Naboo.   

It could also be the reveal of Supreme Leader Snoke...  who could be revealed to be Gollum having survived the Mt. Doom Lava via the power of the one true ring.  Remember, this was all long long ago.   

The weird thing is - coming out in advance to say...  "THE MOST SHOCKING TRUTH IN STAR WARS HISTORY WILL SOON BE REVEALED" - well, that's one of those subjective as hell things.   I mean, you talk to some fans, the revelation of the Imperial Walkers or that THAT'S NO MOON, or that the muppet was YODA...   Or that Ewoks could make pies out of Stormtroopers.   I mean - there's been so much.   



The Most Shocking Truth In Star Wars History Will Soon Be Revealed!

A new generation’s tale of the struggles of light and dark, virtue and evil has begun with the death of Han Solo.

In a Galaxy where First Order and the Resistance are fighting against each other in a war, the heroine, Rey, had the Force awaken within her.

What will happen to the galaxy when Rey and the only remaining Jedi knight, Luke Skywalker, meet?

Kylo Ren has fallen to the Dark Side of the Force and killed his father, Han Solo. As a successor of his grandfather, Darth Vader, and a high ranking enforcer in the First Order, where will his ambition lead him to?

Furthermore, Kylo Ren’s mother, the leader of the Resistance, Leia, Poe, Finn, and BB-8, will embark on a new mission!

The story has finally begun and it will lead to a mysterious climax!

December 15. Be ready for the shocking truth surpassing the previous stories!

OK - so what do you think?   Is the big reveal that Luke has gone Sith Lord and Rey is his apprentice - and that Snokes & Ben Solo are the Heroes?   What would really shock you?   What would be the thing that would blow your mind.   Personally, shit like this gets me mega giddy.   Because from this day forward, we Star Wars geeks will ponder.   What is the shocking reveal?   

Then there's THE MYSTERIOUS CLIMAX!   Good golly Miss Molly, they're trying to fry our minds.


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