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BLADE RUNNER 2049 trailer hits and it's not bad for a replicant!!!

Hey Folks, Harry Here...  I went to sleep last night listening to Vangelis' BLADE RUNNER score...  BLADE RUNNER is one of the sacred films of my childhood.   It was the first R rated film that I bought a ticket for, all on my own.  I've told the story many times.  All I knew was the poster had Han Solo and there were flying cars.   The ticket seller took pity on the short rotund redhead before him and let me in.   I'd walked the half-mile to the theater, hoping to watch ROCKY III for the umpteenth time, but it was gone - and this was there.   Initially I was disappointed, but then...  BLADE RUNNER happened.  It felt like one of the most amazing films I'd ever seen, I rushed home and forced my Mom & Dad into the car... they had to see it.    Then we went and rounded up their friends for a third showing.    

So, I've watched the trailer a few times already.  You probably might have too.  I can point out how pretty it all is, just how much I love the Atari building shot, or Bautista tossing Gosling through a wall...   or just how empty Jared Leto felt in the short clips of him.   Or... just how there''s a style missing from the characters, that seems a bit overpumped up in the art direction.   In the original, everyone felt a part of the rest.   But this is just a trailer - and Denis Villeneuve deserves much applause for just how delicious this thing looks.  I've no idea about the script, the original was just a work of unbridled genius, very different from DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP... but so completely it's own thing, so I've no adaptation issues... mainly because I loved the film completely, before I read the novel - and saw the novel as a dream borrowed from, rather than a reality to adapt.


October 6th feels like an eternity from now - but I'm ready to see more and hear more about the film.   Would love to read that script though.  If that's solid, I could genuinely start feeling enthusiastic.   But for now, way too many questions and fears.   Still... Holy shit that looks pretty!


Keep it cool,



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