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Harry says GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2 is about 70 Cosmic Leaps Better Than What Came Before!

Hey folks, Harry here…  This review should be read post film. 


I have seen GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 twice now.   Saw it at the press screening here in Austin at the Regal Metropolitan in RealD 3D.   The feeling I had coming out of that first screening was pure euphoric bliss.   I’d prepared for the screening, the second the Soundtrack playlist was released and I read that Quint story that advertised it, I put a YouTube Playlist together for myself.   I do this with Tarantino Films and now James Gunn’s GUARDIANS movies.   I love to get the songs locked into my mind, especially because both Quentin and Gunn tend to make those songs not just something to break up the monotony, nope…  the songs reveal so much about the characters, the intent of the director to make you feel as you watch the images they sweat blood putting to those beats.  


Being able to just intuitively know the content of those songs, means my eyes can attempt to capture as much of what is going on as possible.   Now, most of the songs on this soundtrack I was absolutely familiar with, but I hadn’t heard LAKE SHORE DRIVE or FATHER & SON before.   Two songs that have fiercely become addicting.  


Now, when I left the theater I was rushing home with the notion of writing…  but a couple of thoughts hit my head.   One, I felt no need to rush a review out that would be spoiler free.   The world knows this movie packs a wallop.   Sure, there’s people that seem anxious to scream that the first film was better, while stating repeatedly how much they loved the film.  I have to admit, the first time I watched GOTGv2, I was wholly invested in just discovering what was going to happen.   I wasn’t prepared to measure the two films’ dicks.   That’s just not an interest of mine.


I had friends that called me to beat up a bit on Vol 2 – and all I really wanted to do was to scream, “Are you not Entertained,” like fucking Maximus spilling blood all over the sand.   I had sketches of more complete counter points as to why this film did indeed feel superior – but at the same time I could not dismiss the fact that I’ve watched the first film maybe as many as 30-40 times in 3D at home, and while I love that film – with that many viewings, I did feel that this new film was definitely more consistently hilarious, the humor felt razor sharp chopping down upon my funny bone and getting me to laugh quite a lot along with the audience which at times of that first screening – they seeming to just have rolling laughter, where it begins with one character and as the scene increases with better and better moments – the audience was rocking with laughter.   I do not quite recall that level of manic megatons of mirth.  


Now, a BNAT friend was coming into town, and the second tickets for the Bob Bullock IMAX with it’s one of 11 Laser Projectors in this country and the Biggest Screen in Texas… well Yoko bought 3 tickets instantly – and there would be a bit of a BNAT reunion for this one.   BUT – I love BNATTERS…  but, the Laser Projection in the Bob Bullock… it’s just…  it isn’t like any other projection I’ve ever seen.   And the difference between the 1st and the 2nd screenings left no doubt.


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 > GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 1 – and they both fucking rule – and I dearly love both.   But there, I said it.






I know, I might come off as a heartless Republican here, but in the first film, when it begins with Peter Quill’s mother dying and him being abducted…  It was an emotional and freaky opening.   The idea of losing your mother and being abducted within moments of one another…  Heavy opening.   That opening was pulled all the way to the end of the film where Quill has his touching mommy moment.

Here…  The film begins with his mother hauling ass down the highway to Looking Glass’ “BRANDY (You’re a Fine Girl)” – we’re in Missouri, Earth, 1980…  at first the driver’s face is obscured, but the hair…  that’s Kurt Russell’s magnificent young mane…  and sure enough we see a USED CARS era sunglassed and dimpled smiling like the biggest jackass in the Universe that you love.   It’s a date.   They’re in love and he’s her Spaceman and he shares a dream she couldn’t begin to comprehend.  Youthful Russell…  my god man.   It’s better than the first film just by itself.   Not really, but at the very least, for me… it slammed the hammer of cool upon the palette that sent the wow to bang my noggin bell so loudly that I was smack dab in love with the film from the very opening.   Without sadness.   Without reminding me of all the hospitalized bodies of loved ones I’ve seen in my life.   


RONAN never had a second of anything other than brooding menace.  Very one note.  Every scene reinforced his assholiness.   He was… Plaintively BAD GUY.


Kurt Russell’s EGO, you never want to turn bad.   He’s fucking Kurt Russell, we love this man.   Finding out one day that Kurt Russell is your Dad…   that’s way better than thinking about just about any other wishful Dad…   I feel I won the Dad lottery with FatherGeek.   He’s never ceased teaching me, never not been supportive…  but he isn’t my only Father figure in my life.   I can’t imagine not having him in my life.   So Quill never knowing his real father – and instead having Michael Rooker’s redneck Yondu Udonta raise him under the threat of consumption…  well, Dad and his friends held me down in the backyard of my childhood home and threatened to stake me through the heart because I’d become a vampire.   It’s hard joking out of love.   I wouldn’t change a thing.   But my mom did re-marry – and that man was a blind drunk pool hustler with a son that went to prison.   I saw that man catch a rattlesnake in mid-strike with his hand, while holding a handle of VODKA in the other that he nursed to the last two inches.   He taught me pool.


Sorry, I get distracted when films dive into issues of fatherhood.   The first film didn’t hit the family button nearly as hard as this one.   When Kurt’s EGO turns on Quill and the gosh gee whillikers of Dad’s Magic Planet wore off and he touches Quill’s forehead and shows him how deep the infinite goes…  and your mind is screaming RUN RUN RUN!!!  I love it.   Kurt Russell is a man of such terrible loneliness – he wants to become the universe.   That’s not, Ronan going mass murderer out of revenge.   His isolation has driven him to the point of madness, but damn what a charismatic mad man!  


Every scene with Russell and Quill just is magic for me.   What’s the magic scene with Ronan?  


Baby Groot > Groot


Who didn’t love Groot in the first film?   Nobody.   But Baby Groot…  Oh man.   Baby Groot had my wife dying every second he was onscreen – and Baby Groot is why I desperately needed to see the film a second time before writing.  


You know that fucking awesome Opening titles with MR BLUE by ELO and the Interdimensional Battery Hungry Squid Monster fighting the Guardians who have been hired by the Golden High Priestess of the Sovereign, as their people are too precious to risk their lives in combat, to save them.   Well, as the grown up Guardians fight wearing jetpacks and ray guns, except for the sensitive nippled Drax who will tackle the beastie with knives – cuz he’s just that level of badass…   When Baby Groot plugs the music in and the opening ‘today’s forecast calls for Blue Skies” and he starts dancing, which is going to continue, until – well you’ll see, but it’s a long and spectacularly cute dance number that is impossible to pull my focus from on first viewing – even if INCREDIBLE SCIENCE FICTION ACTION LIKE NOTHING I’VE SEEN IN MY LIFE occurs in the background.   So on 2nd Viewing I could start to see some of that.   Wow.   Just crazy awesome.   But Baby Groot – just sick man.   Nobody will not want to have a Baby Groot to raise.   I truly hope some people name their kids GROOT.  


Once they leave the Sovereign home world, we see Baby Groot laying on ‘glass’ looking at the planet they’re leaving as Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah’s LAKE SHORE DRIVE plays – and will play through the Sovereign fleets pursuit and space action sequence through a Quantum Asteroid field looking for a jump point to the nearest habitable planet for repairs.   The song is about taking LSD in Chicago, which I haven’t done, but sounds amazing.   Bet that view is stunning on Lake Shore Drive, but Given this feels about 15 minutes in and that’s when the earliest effects of LSD might kick in, it feels like an invitation to drop acid and watch GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2…  which by no means is necessary, though.   Man.  Bet that’s a helluva trip.  On my initial view, the notion of a Quantum Asteroid Field got me to looking the phrase up on the internet, where I only got a video of someone trying a Quantum leap in a Video Game Asteroid field and surviving and being quite happy.   I feel like it is highly questionable if this would exist in natural space, but everything about this movie is about supernatural space.   Space that we mere mortals have yet to tread upon.


The science fiction of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2…   is so killer…  from their rocket packs to their spacesuits… to Rocket’s Nano-spray space ship healer.  Or Ego’s HEAVY METAL ship.   There’s so much.  But I’m supposed to be talking about BABY GROOT here – so I’ll get back to that.   I love every second of Baby Groot -  like how he’s really terrible at following instructions, easily emotionally vulnerable, how he is always trying to beat up Drax, but how every one of the Guardians loves him dearly – and you never don’t feel it.  When Baby Groot is being hazed by the bad Ravagers, it reminded me of a time I was running the Keg at one of my parents’ parties when I was like age 4 or so, and some drunk guy was offended that I was running the keg and poured a beer over my head.   My parents friends beat him the fuck out of the party, as it quite upset young fragile Harry – but hazing sucks – all the time.   


One of my fave Baby Groot moments is when he’s alone on the Milano with the prisoner Nebula – and she’s trying to sway him with his feelings for Rocket, who at that moment was the sole protector of them all against a very large Ravager force.   Which brings me Rocket.


Trash Panda > Rocket


Ok – just for having Rocket vs the Ravagers in a forest set to Glen Campbell’s folksy SOUTHERN NIGHTS…   I mean, Glen Campbell playing over a nocturnal Rocket that has set ambush traps and is without the other Guardians to bail him out.   Well, it hardly seems fair for the Ravagers – and seeing Rocket leap about the treetops, humming along to Glen’s crooning…  my god, the bliss of this is just unmissable.   About the time he’s slapping electro-tabs upon their various heads…  or the levitating bodies above the treetops silhouetted by the 4 moons…  I mean, this is so my honky tonk Trash Panda action sequence I never knew I needed prior to this film.   The ROCKET & GROOT movie must happen, I really don’t need any of the other characters, though I love them all.  


There’s a lot of Yondu with Rocket here – which…  YONDU is my favorite Guardian of the Galaxy character.  As an ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD super geek, learning at a very young age, that Yondu was a cosmic archer from a planet rotating our closest Star of ALPHA CENTAURI – long before Science caught up….  I’ve always loved Archer characters as a result of Robin Hood, but Yondu, the last of his people, that awesome red mohawk and blue skin.   Looking up, pointing at Alpha Centauri and knowing that somewhere out there… maybe Yondu was kicking ass – it captured me.   Here, his part is greatly fleshed out, and Michael Rooker chews up every scene he’s in.  Rocket and Yondu… oh, and Baby Groot, they’re so incredibly great.


Sovereign > Nova


For me, Nova Prime felt ever so slightly like a Star Trek planet of the week.  I loved the casting, I liked the gags, but Sovereign is leading to Adam Warlock – and just seeing all those Gold faces go my giddy going, though sadly…  we still must wait… I want HIM now!   Heh.   Ayesha’s flirt with StarLord – great.   The Drone Chambers and their sound effects – BLISS.  


Drax w/ Mantis > Drax


At the press screening, I was solidly in love with every moment of Drax in GOTGV2, but with the opening night Laser Imax showing – Drax talking with Mantis played the audience at a level… that the first screening didn’t prepare me for.   Perhaps it was the difference of sitting very close to the screen the first time and being at the back of the IMAX…  or just the energy that is inherent in an opening night screening of something this anticipated.   But when Drax is talking with Mantis outside Ego’s palace, before Gamora arrives – I haven’t quite heard the audible anguish of an audience that was fully intent on turning upon DRAX…  the audible conflict of emotions, could very well be one of my all time favorite scenes with an opening night audience that I’ve ever attended.    It was… beautiful.   You could feel James Gunn just toying with everyone, and Bautista.   What the fuck?  He and I’ve had a Twitter romance going for a bit of time now, but goddamn I love that fucking man.


Drax is to me, a spirit animal that feels at times like Belushi’s immortal John Blutarsky & Brian Blessed’s magnificent Prince Vultan.   He isn’t derivative of either… and is still very much on the Spectrum, yet still being a completely lovable being of such a level of joy, sorrow and action.   Have any doubts about Bautista…  Watch him inquire about Quill in the third act escape… watch his face.   His body language.   The angst in his voice, it’s absolute fucking magic.   Every time he’s jazzed about surviving action – and only understanding the action that happened from his singular perspective I feel like cheering “RIGHT THE FUCK ON!”  


In fact, watch every character closely and in tune to the tune playing.  Having one character that is emotionally handicapped like Drax trying to teach Mantis, an Empath that has only ever had Kurt Russell’s EGO to deal with…   The Blind leading the Blind?   And it is… simply one of the most beautiful scenes of handicapped beings I’ve seen since the Deaf Sex Scene in SYMPATHY FOR MR VENGEANCE.   They’re as different as two scenes could be, but both scenes touched my heart.


Pom Klementieff’s MANTIS is a bit of a revelation, when she first touches DRAX – and the result – might be one of the hardest laughs I’ve had in a theater in a very long time.   Then, Drax’s final line to her, then himself – well, it might very well be one of those John Hancock moments for James Gunn.   What a fucking signature sign-off!   Just MAGNIFICENT!








OK, I just can’t even discuss.   It’s just…  LOL.   The Mirth of Gods!




Pure love.   I think this is the relationship that everyone that is kneecapping this brilliant sequel is missing.   The “Brandy” conversation – watch Pratt’s Peter here – I know, first time you were watching Kurt – and I can’t flaw you for that, Russell just dominates a screen, but pull your eyes to Quill and you’ll see an orphan having his dreams come true.   Sure, you might think that happened in the Courtyard bit of play, but no…  it’s when BRANDY as his mom’s fave song gets explained in a way that made more sense than anything that has ever made sense in his life.


In fact, a whole lot of powerful emotional content is right there throughout the film, from us… the audience seeing Quill’s parents in love, something he never saw.   The mere fact that Gunn gave us that gives us more than Peter Quill could dream.   For me, it is entirely bittersweet and beautiful.   


Then, when Rocket is talking to Yondu, the scene is about Yondu & Quill – and it’s again, beautiful.   But when Yondu is with Quill in the third act, shit starts rocking the pillars of fucking heaven for me.


Michael Rooker was the most evil fucker I’ve ever seen in cinema.   HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER.   I’ve met Rooker on like 3 occasions and every time, I felt uneasy.   I loved his Merle on WALKING DEAD, but it did not overshadow the oppressively brilliant turn as HENRY.  I’ve believed he had true evil in his soul.   But, once he’s emasculated by Nebula, lost all his power, command and swagger…  I could see what Gunn was doing and for me it was just flat out brilliant work on Gunn’s part.   He was peeling the onion that is Rooker and I’ll be damned if I didn’t cry over HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER.   That movie just finally left my consciousness as I watched – and I saw him as that tough love father that could never admit his true feelings – which connected me to my GRAMPS.  A professional coach and military man that retired from both the Navy and the Air Force.   A man surrounded by men, where it doesn’t earn feathers to wear your emotions on your sleeve.   Watching Yondu in this film reminded me of the last few years of visits to my Grandfather when he was alive in San Antonio – and his lungs were betraying him…  and he finally admitted that my father was more right than he was to my father because of how I turned out.  You see Yondu’s love and pride in Peter Quill.   And this is so much deeper than anything got in the first film – especially when the illusion of EGO gives way to the nightmare.   Something that happens in the mirage of hope.  


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2 is a story about fatherhood…   How blood can destroy you, how you can hate the father that actually raised you until the very end, and how you can suddenly recognize the fatherhood in yourself, as unlikely as it may give way to.  


This isn’t JUST a silly romp.   There’s emotion throughout.




I’ve been watching the new season of SAMURAI JACK – and the young ladies raised to hunt and kill SAMURAI JACK – remind me of Nebula & Gamora.   We’ll never see a film about Thanos raising these two… or as it sounds, pitting them.   But I just gave these two characters all those scenes from the new season of SAMURAI JACK, because if they were written, it sounds like they’d be at the very least as loving as those scenes… in other words, not at all.  


When children are pitted against one another, there’s so much unsaid.   Here, they begin to work through some of it, in many ways – this is the only time in either of their lives where they could make their own decisions for how to respond without the Dark Father that was always watching.


This stuff is so gonna pay dividends in INFINITY WAR – I can just feel it.  




Sam & Diane.   I fucking love it.   This is a pop culture shortcut that the more I time trip to the fact that I’ve watched every single CHEERS episode ever and that I fucking love Sam & Diane…  well I ate that reference up, but more so, on second viewing I was able to watch the entire film – in terms of their relationship and seeing how it is there.  Absolutely.   Only, I have no qualms about wanting Quill & Gamora to get it on.   Seriously, how beautiful are these two?   I know, Han and Leia kissed in the second film and it was so beyond fucking awesome, and we still don’t get that here…   But you know what EMPIRE STRIKES BACK didn’t have?   Sam Cooke’s BRING IT ON HOME TO ME and a sweet lil dance on EGO.  



Yusuf Islam’s FATHER & SON…


I don’t mind saying, of all the songs on the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2…  this was the one, that I was just flummoxed by.   I’d never heard it.  This is putting me on a Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam addiction which is tre-fucking-mendous – but how the song is introduced in the film.   The sharing of earbuds with Baby Groot, the look on Quill’s face, but even still, the thoughts he must be feeling.   He’s lost everyone that he could even begin to think about looking at as a father figure, except for David Hasselhoff back on Earth, whom I sure would adopt him.  


Moreso, he see Baby Groot as his impossible son.  This pays in a post credit scene which might be the very best of the entire film.   Unless you count the playing ball scene which is better than just about everything ever.   Sure, you might find it cheesy.  But fuck you.  Giggle.


---- Final Thoughts ----


On the drive to the theater tonight, I was an angry eye of Sauron wanting to destroy all of the white city of D.C.   As we hit 45th street and Guadalupe – I decided I needed to put on some music, but it wasn’t working.   FatherGeek and I were talking through the shit of the day.  He was visibly upset.   So was I.   As we entered the campus area of UT – and the foot traffic all around us increased with people that I’m over twice the age of – and I saw these beautiful youthful beings, I fell more into a funk.  The student that drove up beside us in a Lotus – no care in the world, smiling and pounding out ONE DIRECTION.  I smiled.  Only because, Dad started in on how you couldn’t haul many long boxes of comics to a convention in that car.   Which is the absurd practicality of FatherGeek that makes me love that man so fucking much.


As I got to the theater and got in the elevator from the parking garage, the projectionist at the Bob Bullock Imax, a fellow by the name of Mister Ripper, no shit, and Mistah Ripper is awesome.   He loves showing me the IMAX booth, he’s taken me up there nearly every time I’ve been to the Bob Bullock – and every single time, my tech fetish hits tilt.   This time, he showed me on the login of the system for the projector that it is technically known as the TEXAS DEATH STAR LASER…   Man I love my geeks.  


As I entered the theater and secured the seats for my friends, I realized.  I still wasn’t in the mood for the film.   I had a happy face on for folks, cuz there were many people I loved there.  I’m blessed that way.  There’s a BNATTER that flew in for this – and he’s a great guy.   I love that BNAT has given him a sense of family & friends that truly embrace him.   We’re all Goonies.   Which is why I love that GOTGV2 Goonies poster so much.  


Once Yoko arrived, I felt every strained and angsty feeling melt away.  Then before the show, there was this STORY OF TEXAS pre-show that was about stories of remarkable individuals from Texas, that our overriding politics don’t reflect, but thankfully the screen did.   The stories of immigrants that have lived here for ages and the differences they’ve made.   The sort of untold stories that masses need to hear.   Really – it gave me hope. 


Then the trailers started.   IN LASER 3D IMAX, we got PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES – by the KON-TIKI team – and MAN ALIVE did that 3D Trailer in LASER IMAX knock eyeballs out.   Next was THOR: RAGNAROK and I’ve watched that trailer like a little girl watches FROZEN.   But I’ve not seen it till tonight.   EYE POPPING.   Then THE LAST JEDI trailer played on “Star Wars Day” which I was celebrating by wearing my rare STAR WARS shoes and seeing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2.   I know that sounds Passive Aggressive – and it is – not that I don’t enjoy celebrating STAR WARS – I have no trouble with celebrating MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU, but let’s call MAY 25th STAR WARS DAY.   That’s STAR WARS DAY.   Anyway, the second it was over, David Ripper came up behind me, put a hand on my shoulder and said, “HAPPY STAR WARS DAY” – and it melted any of that P.A. away.  


But there’s shit you need to hear about the IMAX print of this film.


Firstly, if you can attend GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2 at any of the 46 world wild LASER IMAX Projection installations…  book airfare, roadtrip, find a boat…  hitch-fucking-hike.   The fidelity of the focus is just the difference between VHS and walking outside.   More than that, it puts to shame how every major filmmaker has used 3D and the IMAX shift in screen scale that I’ve ever seen.


It’s so fucking elegant at time.   There’s a scene where the giant badass looking Ravager ship that Yondu’s team has – the standard aspect ratio is there, but the ship is bulging out of those confines, in the way that Trailers sometimes show you 3D working, but man, when you see that used for real on an IMAX screen, and then as the ship moves closer and closer, it wipes out the black bars entirely until it is the entire magnificent screen.


During the opening titles – with Baby Groot – you’ll see Rocket’s raygun blasts shooting out of the Black Bars, and then tentacles sweeping to suddenly take us to full IMAX ratio.   This just doesn’t stop.   And realize, I saw this, but this was second viewing for me.   Talking to some fans after, they didn’t even notice the aspect ratio shifts.   Which is ENTIRELY THE POINT.   I’m just…  I can’t help seeing the awesome.



EASTER EGGS (super spoilers)


As I said around 4400 words ago, this is a post Film watching review.   This is me, telling you, completely and without any editing ---  laying it out.


There’s a sequence in the film where Yondu, Rocket, Baby Groot and Sean Gunn’s Kraglin make 70 jumps through space which test the reality of their bodies, but we see some of the vistas they pass through – I’m fairly certain I saw Terrax the Tamer fighting another character I haven’t had the visual acuity to nab yet.   That’s a character from FF (Fantastic Four) and then there was…


Stan Lee talking to UATU and his fellow Watchers. Instant multiple orgasms.  Tying every cameo and almost single handedly explaining the whole Marvel Cinematic and Marvel Comicverse all at once in a single act that is more beautiful than anything I’ve seen since Kirk Alyn on a Train in SUPERMAN with Noel Neill.  But way more than that.   The Watcher is, to me, all of us…  and Uatu specifically is me.   The Watcher.   Watching and reading it all.   Loving and caring for the characters in that and everyverse.  There’s a close up of Uatu that brings more pure joy than just about anything I’ve ever seen.   All those nights with flashlights, all those afternoons breathlessly flipping pages, all those people that looked at me like a fucking mad man as I just tried to explain the revelations comics have given me, without any of the hate for anything in the conceivable multiverse.   I never expected to meet Stan Lee.   I’d always been way more in Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko’s corner.   I never dissed Stan Lee, never hated him like those that somehow could do that.   I just hadn’t run into him.   Being a HeroClix and PVC Two Packed with him in copies of COMIC CON EPISODE IV: A FAN’S HOPE…  that came long after many audiences I’ve had with Stan “the man” Lee – and somewhere in this world is a shot of me knocking Stan Lee’s tooth out that Thomas Tull’s wife shot, but I still haven’t seen.   But none of Stan’s cameos have meant an ounce of what this one does.    This one is one for the rest of my life.   BLESS YOU JAMES GUNN.  Now please, FOX, give MARVEL back FANTASTIC FOUR – and have Uatu send the Human Torch for the Ultimate Nullifier.   Please.




Howard the Duck getting his mojo on!  Bliss.  Same with the little credit roll glimpses of Cosmo and the Grandmaster boogying down.   Peter saying he can see ETERNITY is pure fucking awesome – and on second viewing I wonder if I saw his outline his VISION. 


Then there’s Stallone as STARHAWK, Ving Rhames as CHARLIE-27 which brought me to tears, Michelle Yeoh as Aleta and the diamond man of Pluto, Martinex… and KRUGARR!!! 


We’re just in blissland here.   Man, I’m dying for Adam Warlock to arrive.   Can’t wait for that casting.   That appearance.   By the way – all them Gold folks – in IMAX LASER – it looks like Gold Leaf on the fucking screen, just amazing.


Any complaints from me?


We get one great proper shot of EGO the planet with the face upon it.   I needed to see that planet face engage Ayesha’s Spaceship army – and it needed to be some epic Kurt Russell inhuman growling intimidating awesome.   I just want the planet engage talking with people far off enough to be taken by a talking planet and also that somehow they could hear it.   I mean, we’re this far down the rabbit hole of unfuckingbelievably cool shit – c’mon, the waters nifty!


While Rooker’s YONDU is incredibly dear to my heart – I thought how the character was dealt with in the film was more abrupt than I’d ever care for, the fact this series has established flashbacks as such a source of strength…  I’m not concerned in the least, I just want when he’s with the original Guardians, that he has a full quill and we something that makes the unbelievably awesome sequence to Jay & The Americans’ COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER – and it’s more badass than anything around.


You might be able to say, I LOVE THIS FILM.   I know James Gunn wants to tell other stories, but my love for these two GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY films says…  After these, do Richard Corben’s NEVERWHERE.   Please.   Unrated.


The A-holes flat out fucking rule!


 Keep it Cool, 







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