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Hobbs and Deckard getting their own Fast and Furious spin-off movie?!?


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. One of my biggest claims to fame is the one time The Rock tweeted at me. And he called me smart! It was after Furious 7 introduced Kurt Russell's Mr. Nobody character and I desperately wanted a Mr. Nobody/Hobbs spin-off movie.

I sent that thought out into the internet abyss and it was returned to me thusly:



So imagine my surprise when I hear from Deadline that a spin-off movie is in the works, but instead of being the Kurt Russell/Dwayne Johnson buddy movie I dreamed of way back in 2015 it'd be the more contentious Hobbs/Deckard team-up. Looks like some of those "complications" have gone away.

You've seen Fate of the Furious, you know Hobbs and Deckard aren't exactly friends. There comes a grudging respect when all is said and done, but the macho showdown is still strong between these two dudes.

The Deadline piece says the producers are considering a few spin-off ideas, but this is in the lead right now. Anything giving The Rock more screentime is a good idea and there's the added bonus of giving all the angry F&F family yet more Deckard-as-a-good-guy material to stew over.

It's also clear in F8 that they're setting up some kind of "Deckard was just misunderstood" revisionist history thing, which I'm sure we'll get more of if this spin-off ever happens.

Just make sure you guys throw in a goodly amount of Kurt Russell in there for lil ol' me, okay?

-Eric Vespe
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