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Comic Books Are As Good As Gold! Neil Moritz & Sony to make Valiant's HARBINGER to screen!

Hey folks, Harry here...  That cartoon above is an old TERRYTOON cartoon with Gandy Goose & SourPuss called COMIC BOOK LAND - and my Dad's owned this cartoon on 16mm for an AGE or two - and the exclamation that, "COMIC BOOKS!  THEY'RE AS GOOD AS GOLD!" became a family slogan.   From our days of setting up at conventions and traveling the country.   

When you see an announcement about HARBINGER being developed into a movie from the VALIANT property that Jim Shooter and artist David Lapham sandwiched together... well, it made me think...  "COMIC BOOKS!  THEY'RE AS GOOD AS GOLD!" - Or are they?  If they adapt it right, it could be awfully cool.  The HARBINGER books are about a group of terribly powerful psychics that are here for all manners of adventures.   SONY has a 5 film deal with VALIANT and HARBINGER kicks it off, before a BLOODSHOT film gets made - and they're introducing the other titles - having them all do a sequel to their first film before coming together in a VALIANT AVENGERS thing called HARBINGER WARS...  which makes me think of HARDWARE WARS - and then the giggles come.

It's SCANNERS on steroids - and with Neal Moritz producing - expect it to be paced like Barry Allen.   I just want a TUROK: SON OF STONE film.   Please.


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