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Hey folks, Harry here...  THE LAST JEDI trailer here. watch - will discuss in a bit, gotta watch a few hundred times...



OK - back - watched it a bit more.  Giggle.   OK - there's a couple of images that leapt out at me in the trailer.   The first is this:

Love this Driftwood shelf...  why driftwood?  Well, this is in the first Jedi Temple on Luke's Island. And I don't see trees, but I imagine driftwood washes ashore and was used for this shelf. (fun part, is letting your imagination take leaps)  What are these books?   Somewhere there could be THE JOURNAL OF THE WHILLS...  They could relate the visions of the first Jedi masters - the original legend of Vader & Luke & the Emperor...  all the answers to all the questions we have about the FORCE.... could be right there.  Why do I think JEDI books?

First - that's the original Jedi symbol that's been with STAR WARS long before the first film.   The gloved hand...  is a right hand, I know Luke in RETURN OF THE JEDI was fond of wearing a glove on that right hand - and given he's going to be instructing Rey in the truth of things - I imagine in the film - at this moment, Luke is spilling some pretty incredible shit right here.

The dialogue over this sequence is "Reach out... what do you see?" says Luke, Rey says, "LIGHT...   DARKNESS...   THE BALANCE" then as they Rey trains on the cliffside...  "It's so much bigger" - Which means, the truth about the Force and what it is meant to do is vastly bigger than the tricks and powers of the Jedi and the Sith.   Yoda learned this in that last season of THE CLONE WARS - but we're going to get more truth in this film - I feel.   Quite excited about this.   It's subtle trailer work that's speaking volumes.

After that - ton of action...   that's fine, but none of that is nearly as juicy as this stuff above.   In my opinion.  Sure - looks great - but not enough to lose my shit over.   This other stuff is EASY RIDER fireside conversation material!


Then there's this shot - and the following one of the Knights of Ren when Ben Solo/Kylo Ren betrayed Luke and killed his Jedi students and destroyed his temple.   We saw part of the visions of this in THE FORCE AWAKENS - and in the trailer shot where Luke's black metal hand touched R2 by firelight.   I also strongly believe this was the night that Rey eventually went into hiding on Jakku - but we'll learn for sure this Christmas!

"THE JEDI MUST END" - whatever Luke has discovered here has led him to this realization.  But I get the feeling, they must end the SITH too.  In order to bring the BALANCE, which is key to something we do not yet realize - but Luke does.   AGAIN...  Love this stuff.   

Keep it cool,



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