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Chris Evans to explore Operation Moses in RED SEA DIVING RESORT!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Looks like ol Captain America can't stay away from saving folks!   That's right, ol Chris Evans is set to star in RED SEA DIVING RESORT - a title that feels a tad weak sauce to me, especially when the mission was called OPERATION MOSES.  It was also known as OPERATION SOLOMON apparently.  Film is being directed by Gideon Raff, an Israeli director with two films, TRAIN & THE KILLING FLOOR under his belt, along with some television.

RED SEA DIVING RESORT is the story of OPERATION MOSES, which was a MOSSAD mission that ran from the late seventies through the early eighties that managed to get the Ethiopian Jews safely out of the SUDAN during the Famine there.  The operation wound up saving over 8000 Jews over the course of its operation.  Chris Evans will be the agent that booked all that travel.   No word on additional cast or when the film will move forward.  Below is a video from the Spielberg Jewish Film Archive about the mission:


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