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Robert Downey Jr to talk to the animals in THE VOYAGE OF DR. DOLITTLE!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Rex Harrison originated the role of DR. DOLITTLE on screen - and it's merchandizing failure was what led way to the stupendous deal that George Lucas made with 20th Century Fox which directly led to his immense Star Wars fortune to come about.   Then 15 years ago, they decided to make an Eddie Murphy DR. DOLITTLE, which while not all that great, it still pulled in just under half a Billion dollars internationally.   Then there were those straight to Video sequels they did that nobody really knows about, unless you just had to go there.

Now, the Oscar winning screenwriter behind TRAFFIC, Stephen Gaghan, who was also nominated for SYRIANA - which he also directed...  and he just directed the great GOLD film that came out in January...  well Gaghan has written a script entitled THE VOYAGE OF DR. DOLITTLE, he also has wrapped up the directing duties upon the film and cast Robert Downey Jr as the title character.   Downey should be able to nail this character in a way unseen since Rex Harrison.   The film will be made for UNIVERSAL STUDIOS

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