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Will Donald Trump Be Tuned To The Catheter Cowboy On Wednesday Morning’s FOX AND FRIENDS??

I am – Hercules!!

During last year’s campaign, candidate Donald Trump vowed to make health care affordable for more Americans. This week Trump at least tentatively endorsed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s American Health Care Act, which I understand Ryan says will place health care out of reach for millions of Americans currently insured under ObamaCare! (The government’s non-partisan Office of Management and Budget backs Ryan up on this: TrumpCare is certain to make health care affordable for fewer Americans, not more.)

John Oliver, perhaps imagining Trump’s eyes glazing over during Ryan’s Powerpoint presentation on TrumpCare, prepared a commercial that will air during what may be Trump’s favorite TV show, Fox News’ morning show “Fox and Friends.”

On another TV show, HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver previewed the spot, which you can watch now:

Easter: Finally outed as  “Shitty Christmas.”

And as long as we're here, here's a truly hilarious sketch from this week's SNL:

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