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THE DEVIL'S CANDY is a most excellent nightmarish tale of horror!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Sometimes, when you're at a festival and you watch 40-60 films in a 6-10 day period...   there are great little movies that slip through the cracks of the head noodles and then months and months... even a year later, you get an email about a title.   THE DEVIL'S CANDY...  that sounds familiar...   then you click on the trailer - and the whole movie in the first 10 seconds comes flooding back into your memory, up on top - fully realized.

THE DEVIL'S CANDY played at FANTASTIC FEST last year and it was aptly fantastic.   This is a horror film I meant to sit Sister Satan down to watch, cuz she's a painter, who loves to lose herself in the creative chaos of her canvases - and in this film, we have a character who paints paintings he can't remember painting - and there's a power at work.   An evil stalking the world.    And the film just keeps ramping up the creeps and the yucks and the OH FUCKS until a very satisfying conclusion.   The trailer doesn't give a ton away, but definitely keep your eyes out for this when it opens in Theaters and PPV  on March 17th!   This one kicks ass!



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