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AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Video should tickle your very soul!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I've heard via the realm of production artists, that nothing we've seen in the Marvel Universe thus far will come close to giving us any level of preparation for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.   Realize, that right now - somewhere in this world is a feature length animatic of this film.   That some of the greatest production artists we have today have illustrated this upcoming film.   And when they talk to their friends, they're in awe of what they've been asked to do.   That's no bullshit.   The film that is shooting and that will be here after an eternity of Trump clusterfucks... apparently...   we'll have something truly special.   Well MARVEL tweeted out this video - and try not to get excited.   You can't.   I can't.  THANOS - as a full character...  is coming.  I remember Junior High School when I discovered Jim Starlin and Thanos at a Dallas Fantasy Fair...   Starlin was a god - the Mad Titan was on every comic geek's mind.   And now we'll really see him realized.   I swear, If I get to see Thanos talking to a robed feminine DEATH...  I'm going to just die of bliss.   This can't be here soon enough...



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