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GOLD LEADER Angus MacInnes breaks radio silence to discuss his missions in ROGUE ONE & STAR WARS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I don't know about you, but I suspect - that when you saw Gold Leader and Red Leader in ROGUE ONE, you just about shit yourself with glee.   I agree.   Absolutely.   A whole lot about ROGUE ONE tickled this "FROM THE BEGINNING" STAR WARS fan like a merciless parent when I was a kid.  Pure GOSH GEE WHIZ WOW.   And what I love was recognizing that it was making use of unused footage in brilliantly new ways.   "All parts of the Buffalo," as one says.   Well, a fan like many of you was able to open up a communication channel with Angus MacInnes to discuss things.  You can tell how excited young Jamie is to talk to one of the great fallen Heroes of the Rebellion... so much so, it got me giddy as well...  check it out:



Hi Harry,
I spoke to Gold Leader actor Angus MacInnes who of course was one of the fan favourite easter egg moments from Rogue One. This is the first interview he's been allowed to do.
He talked about the process of re-recording dialogue for the scenes he shot all those years ago and how the dialogue differed from what he originally recorded, he also spoke of how he was "floored" to be asked to return - he was asked as late as 2 months before the films release! And he told me how they got around using Red Leader footage despite the actor being dead, he also voiced his concerns about the "eery", "bizarre" and "really odd" CGI resurrection of Peter Cushing.
Oh...and the Scottish based Canadian actor also reveals that in his downtime between Gold Leader appearances -  he actually set up Scotland's first pizza delivery service!
Here's a link, would be great if you could share it!
Happy new year!
That's just too cool, Jamie - you rule!
Keep it cool,
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