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The Golden Globes spot for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST by Bill Condon is a treasure!

Hey folks, Harry here - during the Golden Globes last night, those wiley masters of marketing at the Walt Disney company unleashed a singing trailer for Bill Condon's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and my wife and I were swooning along to it.   There's a nostalgic magic to what DISNEY of the 21st Century has become.  They seem to be recognizing the desire for fantasy to become real in the minds and visions of their audiences.   Be it Lucasfilm, Marvel or Disney's live action tellings of their Fairy Tales... well...  they're nailing this stuff in a way that gets me giddy.   I love Star Wars & Marvel...  but I also am a long time super freak for DISNEY, hanging over my desk is an animation cel of PLUTO - that hung over my crib as a baby - and now over me as a Man Baby.   I love it so.   There's a Close up of the Beast's face in the candlelight - and it's the first time Condon's Beast seems to feel...  acceptable to me.   The songs from this are going to dominate KARAOKE this year... I can feel it.   


Don't you love it?  The sense of design...  it's beautiful - just note perfect.   But right now... I need to see Gaston singing in that Tavern!   Real Bad!   Luke Evans...  Man, I hope he can belt out a Gaston song like I want.   I recenetly rewatched the HOBBIT trilogy - and thinking...  His arrogance is pitch perfect for Gaston, I just need to hear & see him being perfectly over the top in that Tavern - it's amongst my very favorite musical moments in Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!   

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