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The Justice League assembles in the first pic of the team together! Now w/ Close-Ups & Harry commentary!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Yesterday USA Today decided to run their "Most Anticipated Movies of 2017" List and when they did they debuted an image from Justice League that assembles all the crew for the first time in one official image.

Well, most of the crew. They're still missing one key member who won't pop up until the second half of the movie. The hows of Superman's return are still unknown, but he will for sure be back.

In the meantime here is the most complete version of the Justice League assembled in one spot we've gotten so far!



Zack Snyder's crown jewel of the DC film universe hits screens November 17th.

-Eric Vespe
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Hey folks, Harry here...

Decided I wanted to add close ups of all these characters - but also...   I'm looking forward to this film, but that shot above - I've been trying to think what feels off about it all - and I think I nailed it.   It looks like all their costumes were designed by a single person.  These are individual heroes - with vastly different backgrounds - and should have distinctively different costume aesthetics.   Like...  DR. STRANGE doesn't look like CAPTAIN AMERICA who doesn't look like THOR or IRON MAN.    Here...  there's a solid design aesthetic that looks like they all came out of the same fitting and makes it feel... off.   Does that make sense?

Let's get to the heroes shall we - AQUAMAN

I was concerned that Aquaman was going to be all tattooed up for the whole thing, but this image seems to show a full Aquaman costume that... as my Dad says, "Doesn't look swim friendly" - but then I said, "But Dad, he's SUPERHUMAN - that shit could all be MAGICAL" To which Father Geek said, "Ok ok, I'll give ya that."   AQUAMAN was my favorite childhood DC character.   I think I liked him so much because I was in love with swimming and scuba diving and the idea of being able to swim undersea without ever coming up for air and commanding all the beasts of the below - having magical totems... riding giant Seahorses and commanding fantastical DC undersea monsters...  well that was friggin awesome to me.   Can't wait to see more on Aquaman!

Next...  CYBORG...

I like several things about CYBORG - a character that they had to fight the TERMINATOR aesthetic on - and while it has all the same color looks, here - it doesn't make me think Terminator.   CYBORG - for me is a character in motion - and evolution.   The Bio tech being able to transform and do various bits of awesome - I hope the character goes there.  Right now, we're not seeing him in kickass mode. 


Yeah, that kicks ass.


Next up THE FLASH:

I just don't know.  I'm so in love with the CW's FLASH - this...  just doesn't feel right to me at all.   Over complicated, doesn't seem to feel natural for a runner at all.  "But he's superhuman!"  Yeah, somehow here - this just feels off.  That piping or wiring or rope or whatevers all on that thing just seems junky.   He obviously needs Cisco Ramone!

Lastly we have WONDER WOMAN:

Dying to see her stand alone film...  though her electric guitar riff kinda makes me giggle everytime it is used in anything with her.   I can imagine little girls pretending to be Wonder Woman playing it in their heads then becoming METAL FANS!   I tell ya, Snyder's doing the Lord's work!  Giggle...


I wish we had the SUPERMAN reveal in this shot too, but more for later.   I could really go for a kitchen sink trailer for this movie right now.   How about you?


Keep it cool, 



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