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Keegan-Michael Key is gonna face one ugly muthafuka in Shane Black's PREDATOR!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. THR has the scoop on a fun bit of casting for Shane Black's Predator reboot. Looks like everybody's favorite dreadlocked alien hunter will have to face noneother than Keegan-Michael Key.



So that means the Predator is totally screwed, right? I've seen Key as Obama's anger translator. He gets them wild eyes and I don't envy the Predator going up against him.

This casting comes hot on the heels of Moonlight's Trevante Rhodes coming on board. Rhodes will apparently be playing an ex-Marine friend of Boyd Holbrook, the lead of the story. THR doesn't say who Key will be playing, just that he'll likely be teaming with Holbrook and Rhodes to fight the Predator.

The reboot looks to start filming at the end of February and I, for one, am super psyched to see how it develops. Not only because the idea of a Shane Black Predator movie sounds flat out amazing, but this project also sees Black reteaming with his old friend Fred Dekker. The last time one of their collaborations reached the silver screen we got The Monster Squad, so of course that means the new Predator is high up on my "holy shit, this is happening!" excited list.

-Eric Vespe
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