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MONSTER TRUCKS has a poster that could be better than the film

Hey folks, Harry here... Chris Wedge directed ICE AGE, ROBOTS, EPIC - none of which were outright terrible.  ICE AGE started a money machine that FOX milks for more than its worth.  And the trailers for MONSTER TRUCKS...  well, kinda look worse than I ever imagined, but it also has an insane glee to it that could capture us in the theater.  I remember despising the trailers in advance for GALAXYQUEST, then saw it and realized it was a classic.  

This poster forces one to wonder...  did they capture a bit of that Amblin tone?   Not only that, it made me go back and look at the last two trailers released - and I can see pieces of that...  We'll see soon enough, it his a week from tomorrow.  I'm wildly curious about it now, all because of this poster.



I really do have a problem with CREECH's design though, feels a bit too derivative of that Chinese blockbuster MONSTER HUNT.   


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I just hope when I see the movie, I don't feel like I've seen this movie (best truth in advertising ever)

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