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He's Back! Cult of Chucky begins filming next month!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Chucky is coming back! The new Child's Play flick starts shooting next week and will be called Cult of Chucky. Original Child's Play writer/director Don Mancini is back behind the camera and he's bringing Brad Dourif('s voice), Jennifer Tilly and the original little boy (Alex Vincent) back for the ride in a move to bring the franchise back full circle.

EW got the exclusive on the DTV sequel which will film up in Canada and jump off of the events of the last flick, which starred Dourif's daughter Fiona, who reportedly is recovering from the events of Curse of Chucky in a mental institution.

To get all the Chucky fans excited, the filmmaking team and Universal prepared a bit of an announcement trailer, compiling footage from all the Child's Play movies to date.



I wish more studios would do stuff like this. The original Temple of Doom teaser was released super early, too, and announced that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were on location shooting the new Indiana Jones adventure and the only bit of footage in it was the "trust me" moment from Raiders. That stuff's super cool to me. Can you imagine if Episode VIII did a "Currently filming!" style teaser that showed a few quick BTS shots of Finn, Rey, Poe, Leia and Luke? We'd have lost our shit!

Anyway, I wasn't a huge fan of Curse, but I like that Mancini is trying to recapture that gritty and gross tone of the first film, which is surprisingly still creepy.

What do you folks think? You in for another Chucky slice and dicer?

-Eric Vespe
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