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Behind the scenes look at ASH VS THE EVIL DEAD show is just pressing my bliss button!

Hey folks, Harry here... I love a lot of things, but then I'm also a generally very happy kind of guy.  Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD series was...  for me...  a floor boarding of the wicked evil sense of humor that I've had ever since seeing it.   That first film was genuinely scary & freaky - with a degree of nervous laughter at points.   EVIL DEAD II?  Essentially a remake of the first, but this time it hit a gear in horror comedy that hadn't really been hit.  The manic wow of the camera, sound & editing - it blew me the hell away.  If you were around and saw this stuff on release and in the context to the time we were in...   It was like horror fun paradise.   Then when ARMY OF DARKNESS came together...  I don't know if I had ever been quite that manic to see a movie. When I did - and it was HILARIOUS - UNBELIEVABLY QUOTABLE and GENIUS...   And the fucking world wasn't cool enough to step up to the box office and be counted.   It was depressing.   That was the low point for me...   I wanted the whole world to show up and give Ash some sugar, but baby that sure as fuck didn't happen.   

Thus... The long... painful...  dry...  spell....   No new Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell for fucking ever...

Anchor Bay started doing their 30 releases of EVIL DEAD series on every home video with more and more behind the scenes, and then Bruce shot a documentary and I'm in it and at all zillion appearances that Bruce Campbell would appear at he'd torture the fans with teases and then with, "It'll NEVER HAPPEN!"  And then they went and did the new EVIL DEAD with a female Ashy character and I actually loved that flick, but as a completely different animal.

But now... This...   Look at this...  doesn't give you a twitch involuntarily in your hand...  look... see, it's twitching!   FUCKING CHOP IT OFF!!!   Giggle.   Oh man.  

But LOOKEE!   It looks so righteously awesome - I'm silly happy over it.   It doesn't even seem like something that could possibly be real.   I mean... the ASH TV SERIES?   May it go for 100 years!  I mean, whatever science is worth, its worth using to preserve BRUCE CAMPBELL!   Right?!!!?


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