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New DOCTOR WHO Season 9 Trailer!!! "SAMO SAMO!!!"

Hey folks, Harry here...   SEASON 9 of DOCTOR WHO is coming this September 19th and the BBC unleashed a new trailer to get us bouncing off our personal Tardis walls in excitement.   We'll be getting our second season of Peter Capaldi.  I really did like Season 8 and loved the adjustment issues between Jenna Coleman's Clara!   The new season kicks off with two Stephen Moffat scripted episodes entitled THE MAGICIAN'S APPRENTICE (Sept 19) and THE WITCH'S FAMILIAR.   But of course, there's that US theatrical exclusive written by Stephen Moffat that'll be screening on September 15th, along with the final two (non-X-mas) episodes of Season 8 in 3D!   We'll have more details as they come!  


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