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Free Austin Screening of Josh Trank's FANTASTIC FOUR next Thursday!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Alrighty, here we go...   Josh Trank's FANTASTIC FOUR.  We've been discussing this film for years now.  In fact, when Trank came to Austin for a screening of CHRONICLE, he was already talking about his enthusiasm for making FANTASTIC FOUR.  Thus far in the marketing of the film, they haven't really shown us much at all.   But then they've wanted the wonders to be introduced in the story.   It is interesting to me, that we've got films actively in theaters by Peyton Reed and Chris Columbus...  both of them worked to bring the FANTASTIC FOUR to screen, both didn't quite make it.   The Roger Corman version has more of the spirit of the comics, but woefully underfunded.   Tim Story's FANTASTIC FOUR films, other than Doug Jones' SILVER SURFER, were pretty much wastes of time.   

I'm wildly excited to see what Trank has in store for us.   In interviews he's citing Cronenberg & Spielberg as his influences for this film - and I'm quite excited to see that play out.   In fact, after I post this I'm going to put on CHRONICLE for another view!

Now - how do you get into AICN's Free Screening of FANTASTIC FOUR?


Send an email to hk at aintitcool dot com - with the following exact subject line (I suggest copy and pasting it in your subject line):

"After all these years... All our adventures... We're still together... We're still a team! The Greatest Team Ever!"

Then, in the body of your email, include your full name and the full names of your guests - up to 3 guests, for a total of four.

Also - Tell me why you can't wait to see Trank's FANTASTIC FOUR.  Who are the FANTASTIC FOUR to you?   

The screening will be Thursday, August 6th, 2015 at the Highland Galaxy Theater here in Austin at 7pm!!!  

Come let your Marvel Love Fly High!!!




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