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Hercules Adores Tonight’s Final-Four Episode Of Aaron Sorkin’s THE NEWSROOM!!

I am – Hercules!!

The Newsroom 3.3 FAQ

What’s it called?
“Main Justice.”

Why is it called “Main Justice”?
It’s the locale of an important meeting.

Who’s responsible?
Teleplay by Aaron Sorkin; story by “1600 Penn” co-creator Jon Lovett & Aaron Sorkin.

What says HBO?
“Leona and Reece look to raise cash in order to salvage ACN and thwart Blair and Randy. Will gets a surprise at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, while Charlie trades visions with ACN suitor Lucas Pruit (B.J. Novak). Maggie’s EPA scoop makes it to ‘News Night.’ Sloan and Don try to keep their relationship a secret from a new HR veep.”

Who or what surprises Will?
That would be telling. The surprise comes near episode’s end.

Does Don go to prison for insider trading?
No. The Don-Sloan crisis this week is the new HR fellow.

What’s doing with Jim’s fired girlfriend?
She’s got a new job with a bonus structure.

How does “Main Justice” start?
ACN associate producer Gary Cooper stops singing “Anything Goes.”

The big news?
Aaron Sorkin’s word processor has produced for tonight another unusually entertaining hour of television.

What else is HBO not telling us?
Paul Lieberstein is back and darkly hilarious as the EPA assistant deputy with the bad news. Lieberstein’s old “Office” co-star B.J. Novak plays here the same grade-A asshole he played on the NBC series. “Carnivale” vet Clea DuVall tonight joins the “Newsroom” cast as Lily.

What’s good?
Olivia Munn. Mary McCormack. Alison Pill’s sweater and ballcap. Jim coaching Maggie on her EPA story. The way Jim’s girlfriend describes her emotional state. Don Keefer’s handling of the new HR guy. Don’s napkin use. The big conference-room scene at Main Justice. “What the fuck is going on?” “I don’t need your password.” “We’re going to misspell it.” “It says ‘baking news’ now.” “I’m not pretending.” “You’re talking about your own wedding!” “Neither am I.” “You know who gets nervous? Criminals.” “There are no chairs left.” “Maybe you don’t understand what HR does.” “Write better.” “So I guess I’ll just keep the company directory in the drawer.” “Can you think of a job that doesn’t?” “People are starting their weekends.” “Who cares?” “When I need to.” “I can’t help you anymore.” “I’d have thought you’d gotten used to it.” “Stop talking.” “Yeah.”

What’s not so good?
It is surprising all those smart FBI agents couldn’t anticipate ACN’s countermeasures.

How does it end, spoiler boy?
“You think it’s possible I’m not as big a TV star as I thought?”

9 p.m. Sunday. HBO.

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