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The Republican Strategist Who Got Yelled At By Sarah Palin In GAME CHANGE Joins THE VIEW!!

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The fabulous Nicolle Wallace, a longtime George W. Bush communications chief and John McCain senior campaign advisor, is going to be a new host of “The View” alongside Rosie Perez, Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg.

Wallace, one assumes, is meant to fill the conservative chair left when former "Survivor" contestant Elizabeth Hasselbeck was let go, but Wallace, 42, comes off as far brainier than Hasselbeck and a lot less angry than the likes of Ann Coulter. 

In the HBO movie “Game Change,” Sarah Paulson played Wallace as someone who had some difficulty tolerating Sarah Palin’s antics. (Paulson was nominated for an Emmy for her portrayal of Wallace.)

The HBO project revealed that Wallace ultimately could not bring herself to vote for McCain as long as Sarah Palin was on McCain’s ticket.

Wallace disputed much of what Palin wrote about Wallace in the book "Going Rogue" (see clips).

Wallace’s hiring is not great news for Palin, who over the summer seemed to be campaigning for a regular “View” slot of her own.

"I hear everyone recently got canned from 'The View,'” Palin told The Hollywood Reporter in July. “Maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America's heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts. You know, someone willing to go rogue."

Wallace, currently quite beguiling as a frequent panelist on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” (hosted by former longtime U.S. Republican congressman Joe Scarborough), is also a best-selling author. Her 2011 novel “It’s Classified,” which Wallace says was inspired by her experiences on the McCain/Palin campaign, focuses on a mentally ill candidate for vice president.


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