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See Luke Evans' Kinect Bats In This New DRACULA UNTOLD Trailer!!




An interesting development:  while Marvel is apparently going out of its way to diminish (or abolish) the number of ‘origin stories’ it puts on the big screen, some folks seem to be whipping the other direction and hinging quite a bit of resources on the conceit.  

For example, DRACULA UNTOLD merges ‘real’ Vlad Tepes lore with all kinds of crazy fanciful stuff to create a Dracula origin tale which is unique unto itself.  An origin tale which appears to drive a substantial portion of the film’s narrative.  

Here’s a new look at the picture, via an International trailer which I believe offers some material we’ve yet to see (a previous trailer is HERE).  


DRACULA UNTOLD opens October 3.  

So that's...what?  A...BatStorm?...he's hurling about?  Wouldn't this hurt the poor little bats?  If this IS what we're seeing, wouldn't this be kind of a douche move for, well, Dracula?  Or is this part of the film's retcon?  




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