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This New Trailer For MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT Is Looking Promising!!

It’s been over a year since we got our first look at the intriguing-seeming MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT.  This is the pseudo-sequel to 2010’s MONSTERS, Gareth Edwards’ brilliantly realized saga of folks trekking through a quarantine zone after a pesky infestation by freaky space aliens.  It’s rather well done, and if you haven’t seen it, it’s currently streaming on Netflix and is available elsewhere (I believe I saw it flash past on Amazon's streaming service).  

Why do I refer to this as a ‘pseudo-sequel’?  My understanding is that this is more of a “verse” installment than a full-on continuation.  Probably a very smart move in terms of narrative and franchise building. 

Gareth Edwards moved onto this Summer’s GODZILLA movie and now STAR WARS, leaving this MONSTERS to be helmed by Tom Green.  Green is largely a television director (MISFITS and BRIXTON), but it looks like he’s done an admirably cinematic job here, presuming this (at long last new) trailer for DARK CONTINENT is any indication.  


Look for MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT to begin its release pattern overseas, later this year.



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