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AICN COMICS PREVIEW: Check out a few choice pages from DC Vertigo’s FAIREST #29 (on sale Wednesday)!

Ambush Bug here. This week’s DC preview is from the FABLES spinoff FAIREST which focuses on…you guessed it the fairest ladies of folklore and fable. Mark Buckingham, who is also the artist on FABLES, has expanded the FABLES universe quite nicely in this Vertigo book, as one can see from the pages below.

Here’s the blurb for issue #29; “A moment of happiness for Reynard is brutally cut short in the latest chapter of “The Clamour for Glamour.” Life as a man is still not doing Reynard any favors, but can the cunning of a fox save both Reynard and Meghan from a terrible fate? Meanwhile, spells are cast at the Farm, but for some the long wait is proving too hard to bear. Can Owl find a way to lift the spirits of his beloved Pussycat as the forlorn feline dreams of escape?”

Written by Mark Buckingham with art by Russell Braun, FAIREST #29 drops Wednesday and below are some of the first pages. Click on the images to make ‘em magically grow!

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