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Amazon To Bring Back Patrick Warburton As Ben Edlund’s TICK??

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A source tells’s Patrick Gomez that intends to revive the live-action “Tick” sitcom that starred Patrick Warburton as a powerful but slow-thinking superhero.

From the story:

Warburton – who has also appeared on Seinfeld and Rules of Engagement – recently inked a deal with Amazon and Sony to reprise his role, with [Tick creator Ben] Edlund producing and writing, according to the source.

Despite the series’ purely awesome nature, only eight episodes of it ever aired on Fox in 2001 and 2002.

The Fox version of the show also starred Nestor Carbonell (“The Dark Knight”) as Batmanuel, Liz Vassey (“CSI”) as Captain Liberty and David Burke (“Bunheads”) as Arthur.

Find all of Gomez’ exclusive on the matter here

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