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New Poster for OPEN WINDOWS!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

A new poster has been released for Nacho Vigalondo’s (EXTRATERRESTRIAL, TIMECRIMES) upcoming thriller OPEN WINDOWS, highlighting the tech-driven voyeurism that serves as the basis for the film.

The film focuses Nick (Elijah Wood), a shy fan who is beyond ecstatic to have won a dinner date with his favorite actress, Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey). When she backs out of the contest, her manager Chord (Neil Maskell) offers up the consolation prize of unrestricted access to Jill’s computer, allowing Nick the creepy opportunity to watch her every move. Naturally, Nick winds up with more than he bargained for in this little arrangement.

The story is told almost entirely through computer screens, as technology now gives us an entirely new and exciting way of stalking each other. It will be very interesting to see how Vigalondo unfolds the film through this set-up.

OPEN WINDOWS hits VOD on October 2, followed by a theatrical release on November 7th. Check out the poster below.


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