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This Trailer For The New SHAUN THE SHEEP Movie Doesn’t Look Too Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!

We’ve previously mentioned that there’s a SHAUN THE SHEEP movie on the way.  Amazingly enough, it’s entitled SHAUN THE SHEEP: THE MOVIE.  

For those yet to encounter SHAUN THE SHEEP, it’s, well, about a sheep.  Named Shaun.  And it’s a spin-off of the hugely popular and (arguably) better known WALLACE AND GROMIT franchise.  

Shaun has already made his way to television and my 7 year old’s DVD collection; he'll premiere this, his first bigscreen adventure, next Spring.  I look forward to all Aardman productions, although I admit they can be inconsistent (THE PIRATES, FLUSHED AWAY).  Which means I'm looking forward to this picture as well, albeit cautiously. 




Glen Oliver




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