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Co-Director Anthony Russo Is Teasing, What, Exactly, Regarding CAPTAIN AMERICA 3??

 Speaking with MTV, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER co-helmer Anthony Russo touched on the narrative nature of the upcoming third film in that franchise, which he and brother Joe Russo are returning to direct.  

I will say this: yes, for satisfying storytelling, you want a beginning, middle and end,” Anthony Russo said. “That’s the natural arc that we all thrive off of in narrative.”


“The great thing about the Marvel universe, just like the publishing, it’s a very vast, inter-connected universe, where characters will have their rise and fall, so to speak, and hand off to other characters,” Anthony Russo said. “As the cinematic universe moves forward, you may start to see the cinematic universe adopt that same pattern, as the publishing has, where there’s closure with some characters and new beginnings with other characters. How those hand-offs are made is always part of the fun.”

…says Russo HERE.

So, what does this mean?  

Of course, it’s hard to know with certainty until we’ve heard more official and pointed word, but the Geek in me can’t resist several quick paths of speculation.  

** The third CAPTAIN AMERICA film may, indeed, prove to be the last entry in the franchise.  This would support Chris Evans’ recent assertions that he’s more or less ready to step away from acting in favor of directing, but rubs against the notion that Evans was, apparently contracted for six Marvelverse films back in the day.

-- OR-- 

** It’s feasible CAP 3 may represent the final CAPTAIN AMERICA standalone film, but the character might yet appear in one more AVENGERS round-up?  A trajectory similar to Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark, whose journey found a conclusion of sorts in IRON MAN 3’s final moments, although he’s definitely appearing in next Summer’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTION and evidently AVENGERS 3 as well.  This doesn’t even factor in the persistent rumors than another stand-alone IRON MAN film or two may yet come about.

-- OR--

** Reading between the lines of Russo’s comments, perhaps the “Captain America” mantle will be dropped by Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers, and picked up by someone else.  Recent rumors have suggested this might be the case.  The Falcon, for example, recently assumed the Captain America iconography in comics.  

Falcon as Captain America

This, or a similar gag (Sebastain Stan's Bucky Barnes becomes a slightly messed up Cap?), could be an interesting move for the film series.  My hunch is this is the kind of shift Russo is teasing above.  


There are several other inferences which can be drawn from Russo’s comments, these were the first to spring to mind.  

What do you think? 

CAP 3 releases May 6, 2016.  



Glen Oliver





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