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The first SAW returns to theaters this Halloween!


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. It wasn't that long ago when Halloween was dominated by Saw. It actually pissed me off a little bit because all other horror movies were so scared of being overshadowed by Saw that they ran away to August and September releases and I like my horror movies in October, dammit!

To make me feel incredibly old the first Saw film celebrates its 10th birthday and to celebrate Lionsgate is re-releasing the film beginning October 31st (with select Thursday night screenings on the 30th) for a one week engagement.

I love it when studios re-release movies and wish they'd do it more often. I'm not the biggest fan of the weird convoluted meandering progress of the series on the whole, but I love that first Saw. It was one of the few post-Sixth Sense genre films that I felt actually earned its twist ending.

Plus, I'd rather they bank on their good film by re-releasing it instead of doing a new series of reboots that will start dominating the Halloween landscape once again.


-Eric Vespe
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