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BIG HERO 6 Coming To Disney Infinity 2.0!! And STAR WARS!?

We’ve discussed Disney Infinity 2.0 here on the site recently - it’s a nicely next generationalized upgrade of Disney Infinity (the toy-line interactive video game which debuted roughly a year ago).  

I had a chance to play the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY expansions at San Diego Comic-Con this year, where I rather enjoyed the newly added characters and enhanced playing experience; I’m looking forward to seeing these, and other, Marvel icons making their way to 2.0 when its release begins September 23.   

We’ve already learned that the AVENGERS will be showing up (see their figures HERE) on 2.0 - but today brings us our first trailer glimpse of the BIG HERO 6 movie characters who are also coming to the game.  

It didn’t take long at all for Marvel characters like these to find their way into the Infinityverse.  But the question that’s on many people’s minds is:  when will STAR WARS make its inevitable appearance on this expansive title?  There’s no clear word on that yet, but comments like THESE suggest the reality is not too far away.  Not far, far away that is.   

Sorry, couldn’t resist.  




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