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Superman & Lois Lane get wet together!!! BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   The ALS ICE BUCKET Challenge has been all over everyone's Social Media circles - and it seems like everyone is getting hit with the challenge.  But today...  Henry Cavill and Amy Adams decided to meet the challenge in costume on the set of BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE!   We've seen the SUPERMAN costume before...  but here we get to see it get wet...  and I find it odd that Henry Cavill didn't issue out any challenges of his own.   But... Man...  He got a lot!


Now that's pretty good and all... but today, a friend of mine challenged me to the same challenge. I donated to ALSA.ORG

and then met the challenge in a way all my own - and then called out Drew McWeeny, Tim League & Elijah Wood. Then I used the water to mop up the carport! Here's my ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!!!

If challenged... meet the call, even with all the hype for the ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE - it's going to be long haul looking for the scientific breakthrough to ease those living with Lou Gehrig's Disease. I did a whole report on Lou Gehrig in Elementary School after seeing PRIDE OF THE YANKEES... Gary Cooper destroyed me and Dad suggested that I use Lou Gehrig as a subject for a 3rd Grade report. Let us hope all of this awareness keeps folks' attention. It is a very very good cause! Besides... it got us Superman getting doused and my balls cooled down after all the busting some of you give them!

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