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A Trailer And Poster For THE PYRAMID, Produced By Alexandre Aja!!

Here’s the first trailer for THE PYRAMID, a new horror piece from producer Alexandre Aja (helmer of THE HILLS HAVE EYES and PIRANHA 3D, which he also produced).   

It’s helmed by Gregory Levasseur, a second unit director on those films, scripter of THE HILLS HAVE EYES, and frequent Aja associate.  

This one arrives in early December.   Here’s an embed: Glorious Quicktime of the same can be found HERE.  

JoBlo debuted the poster for the film.  I kind of like this image, it slightly evokes the minimalist TOTAL RECALL poster from 1990.  But not that much, I suppose...

PYRAMID poster


That tagline.  I had a relationship like that a while back…



Glen Oliver




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