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Rumor Has It Another Character Is Returning To STAR WARS...

Nordling here...

Just kidding.

I'm not exactly spoiled on EPISODE VII, as all the scoops and nuggets of information are strictly rumors at this point (even if the rumors are well-sourced), but I've thrown out my "No Spoilers On Episode VII" mantra out some time ago.  It happens every time, it seems.  I just can't help myself, and I click on the latest scoop from Latino Review or Badass Digest or whereever.  But the consensus is, so far, that STAR WARS seems to be in good hands.  Hell, if all this new information can turn around a notable STAR WARS grump like Devin Faraci, perhaps J.J. Abrams and company actually have the best intentions for the beloved Saga.  Considering the impressive cast they've brought together, and the roster of directors who get to play in that massive sandbox, STAR WARS ain't going anywhere.

Which is why this news from Latino Review, if accurate, puts a tiny little damper on all of it for me.  They are reporting this morning that Emperor Palpatine, last seen tumbling to his death in RETURN OF THE JEDI, will be returning to the Saga as a Big Bad, if not THE Big Bad.  It appears as if Ian McDiarmid will not be returning to the role, and instead we'll be getting a new iteration of sorts of the former Naboo Senator turned cackling Sith Lord.

I know that both Darth Vader and the Emperor are iconic characters for many; Vader, especially.  Just from a design standpoint, Darth Vader still impresses, and he's always been my favorite character in the Saga (not Anakin, mind you, but Vader).  While there have been minor-key rumblings about Vader's possible return, nothing is confirmed.  But if it works in the story, I'm open for anything.  If the Emperor does return, and if it's done well, I'm down.  I have no lack of faith at this point; I'm not going down like Admiral Motti.  But what's making me the most excited for the new trilogy is the new stuff that's coming, not the diving into the past.  If this is truly a new generation of STAR WARS, I hope the filmmakers don't feel so beholden to the past six films that it traps them into telling those stories over and over.

We shall see, of course.  I'm as excited for STAR WARS as I've ever been.  Again, still just rumors and speculation, which has always been part of the fun of being a STAR WARS fan anyway.  Keep those rumors coming, people.

Nordling, out.

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