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A clip of Robin Williams in Merry Friggin' Christmas has surfaced.

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I gotta say, I debated posting this clip a little bit. The timing of its release is so coldly calculated as to be wholly distasteful. And it's also a little painful seeing a recent clip of Robin Williams. I'm still heartsick about his death and the pangs increase when watching the below clip because I can't help but let recent events color every twitch on Williams' face and his line delivery.

But ultimately I decided that embracing any of Williams' art is kind of needed right now. Williams had a special gift for performance and used it to brighten the lives of all who watched him work. So, while it might hurt a little bit watching this clip so soon after his suicide it helps to know that performing for an audience is one of the things that brought him joy in his life.

The film is called Merry Friggin' Christmas and will be released this November.



-Eric Vespe
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