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Filming on Star Wars Episode 7 resumes soon!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. We knew the Star Wars hiatus wasn't going to be very long. It seems they shot around Harrison Ford's injury as much as they could and now with Ford moving about without needing that fancy pirate pegleg thing it seems like Han is ready to strap on the vest once again.

This is kind of a non-story since the production announced the hiatus was only two weeks long, but I was geeking out over this photo of Mark Hamill striking a pose under the Star Wars Episode 7 logo and needed an excuse to run it. So, filming begins again soon, Harrison Ford's all healed up and Mark Hamill looks like a boss below! Guys, there's a sequel to Return of the Jedi being made right now. Let that roll over you a little bit.



-Eric Vespe
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