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Behold Sony’s Gamescon Livestream!! Begins 12pm CST USA!! + Catch Up On Microsoft's Presentation!!

Sony’s Gamescon livestream will begin around noon CST USA.

Here’s an embed which should allow you to watch the proceedings.  If, for some reason, the embed doesn’t play  - CLICK HERE to jump to Sony’s livestream.  

Watch live video from PlayStation on

It’ll be interesting to see which titles and developments Sony does and does not pimp at this function.  Microsoft’s presentation occurred earlier this morning and brought with it few surprises, save for the announcement that the forthcoming TOMB RAIDER sequel game (RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER) would be an XBOX ONE exclusive. 

I’m not in love with this concept, personally.  I’m very much enjoying my XBOX ONE and look forward to watching the console grow in the upcoming years.  Yet, as I’ve written before, I’m finding XBO to be a tad under-amped when compared to PS4.  Thus, exclusives on the console are something of a bitter pill to swallow, and I’m not a huge fan of console-exclusive content to begin with.  It feels like a bitchy attempt to manipulate the console market - which I don’t appreciate as a consumer who seeks choices.  Clearly, I’m not referring to a company’s native IP (i.e. I ‘get’ why HALO will always be a Micorsoft-only title).  

Come what may, that TOMB RAIDER sequel will likely be a helluva game - even if it’s half the game of its predecessor, which I loved.  

You can watch the whole of this morning’s Microsoft presentation HERE (thanks @alexhcranz!).  




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