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Blu-ray “The Patriot,” $24.99 in 2010 and $16.93 last year, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $5.25!!

Blu-ray “Salt,” $24.49 in 2010 and $14.96 in June, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $5.25!!

Blu-ray “Cowboys & Aliens,” $25.49 in 2011 and $15.04 last year, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $5.25!!

The complete series set for “Fringe,” $143.96 in June and $102.93 in July, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $49.99!! CHEAPER THAN USED!!

Blu-ray “To Kill A Mockingbird,” $24.49 in 2011 and $18.98 in January, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $9.96!! CHEAPER THAN USED!!

Blu-ray Coen Bros.’ “Inside Llewyn Davis,” $32.39 in February and $25.98 last month, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $9.99!!

Blu-ray first four Batman movies collection just plummeted to $19.49!! $4.88 Per Blu Motion Picture!!

Blu-ray “2010,” $17.99 in 2011 and $13.48 in June, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $6.36!!

Blu “Anchorman 2,” $22.96 in May, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $9.96!!

Blu-ray “The Wolverine,” $22.96 in December and $19.96 in May, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $9.99!!

Blu-ray “Bad Grandpa,” $33.99 in November and $24.96 in February, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $9.96!!

“Highlander” on Blu-ray, $15.99 in 2011 and $12.78 in December, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $5.00!!


New This Week

Another 50 classic Warner Bros. animated shorts, all released to cinemas between 1938 and 1961, come to high-definition Blu-ray for the first time in Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Vol. 3, featuring the genius comedy direction of Chuck Jones, Frank Tashlin, Bob Clampett, Robert McKimson and more.

There’s a boatload of extras, including commentaries (by Joe Dante, Jerry Beck and others) on 12 of the shorts. The first 18 shorts on disc one star Bugs Bunny, another seven star Daffy Duck, another eight star Sylvester. Included:

Acrobatty Bunny (1946) D: Robert McKimson
A Bear for Punishment (1951) D: Chuck Jones
Beep Prepared (1961) D: Chuck Jones
The Big Snooze (1946) D: Bob Clampett
Birds Anonymous (1957) D: Friz Freleng
Bugs and Thugs (1954) D: Friz Freleng
Bully for Bugs (1953) D: Chuck Jones
Bunny Hugged (1951) D: Chuck Jones
Canary Row (1950) D: Friz Freleng
A Corny Concerto (1943) D: Bob Clampett
Dog Gone South (1950) D: Chuck Jones
Dog Pounded (1954) D: Friz Freleng
Draftee Daffy (1945) D: Bob Clampett
Easter Yeggs (1947) D: Robert McKimson
Falling Hare (1943) D: Bob Clampett
Gorilla My Dreams (1948) D: Robert McKimson
A Gruesome Twosome (1945) D: Bob Clampett
Guided Muscle (1955) D: Chuck Jones
Hair-Raising Hare (1946) D: Chuck Jones
A Ham in a Role (1949) D: Robert McKimson
A Hare Grows in Manhattan (1947) D: Friz Freleng
The Hep Cat (1942) D: Bob Clampett
Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt (1941) D: Friz Freleng
High Diving Hare (1949) D: Friz Freleng
High Note (1960) D: Chuck Jones
Hillbilly Hare (1950) D: Robert McKimson
Honey's Money (1962) D: Friz Freleng
Knighty Knight (1958) D: Friz Freleng
Life with Feathers (1945) D: Friz Freleng
Little Red Riding Rabbit (1944) D: Friz Freleng
Mouse and Garden (1960) D: Friz Freleng
Nasty Quacks (1945) D: Frank Tashlin
Nelly's Folly (1961) D: Chuck Jones
Operation: Rabbit (1952) D: Chuck Jones
The Pied Piper of Guadalupe (1961) D: Friz Freleng
Pigs in a Polka (1943) D: Friz Freleng
Plane Daffy (1944) D: Frank Tashlin
Porky Pig's Feat (1943) D: Frank Tashlin
Rhapsody in Rivets (1941) D: Friz Freleng
Sandy Claws (1955) D: Friz Freleng
Satan's Waitin' (1954) D: Friz Freleng
Scrap Happy (1943) D: Frank Tashlin
Slick Hare (1947) D: Friz Freleng
Steal Wool (1957) D: Chuck Jones
The Stupid Cupid (1944) D: Frank Tashlin
The Stupor Salesman (1948) D: Arthur Davis
Swooner Crooner (1944) D: Frank Tashlin
Tree for Two (1952) D: Friz Freleng
Walky Talky Hawky (1946) D: Robert McKimson
Wholly Smoke (1938) D: Frank Tashlin


A dramatic thriller about what happens when “the concierge of crime” turns himself in to the FBI to help them fight crime, “The Blacklist” comes to us from screenwriter Jon Bokenkamp, whose big-screen credits include 2001’s “Bad Seed” (20% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and this year’s Halle Berry vehicle “The Call” (Tomatometer score: 43% positive).

Bokenkamp seems to be trying to smoosh “Silence of the Lambs” into “Alias” by borrowing from both. But “Blacklist” confused me more than “Lambs” and “Alias.”

I’m not sure why Spader’s supercriminal character is sometimes weirdly super-restrained by the FBI (strapped to a chair in a glass cage of emotion, so evocative of post-capture Lecter), then later not restrained very much at all (just wandering around among the FBI agents as he examines agency evidence). And then I was confused even more by everyone’s surprise when the Spader character escapes.

More confusion: When Spader warns the FBI that the small child it has in custody is a high-value kidnap target -- why is my untrained eye more suspicious of the surprise obstacle that blocks the kid’s government convoy than these highly trained FBI agents?

The best thing about the project is Spader, whose Red Reddington is as fun to watch here as his Alan Shore was on “Boston Legal” and his Robert California was on “The Office” a couple of seasons back.

And for all its faults, I judge “Blacklist” one of the networks’ better fall pilots – but that’s just damning it with faint praise. I might revisit “Blacklist,” but the pilot does not fill me with confidence.

Time says:

... to the extent that Reddington is compelling, it’s because Spader is doing all the work. He gets little help from the pilot script …

HuffPost says:

... "The Blacklist" is never going to be anyone's idea of great art, but at least it has a pulpy kind of momentum that may well be worth watching for a while; I will stick around to see whether Spader's performance really is the only dish on the menu. …

HitFix says:

... I can let some derivative writing go if a show has a clear understanding of what it is, and, more importantly, has a thing it does very well. Do I need to see another episode of this? Probably not. Will I watch it more just to enjoy Spader and see if Red's motivation is the thing everyone has been assuming since the trailer was released? Absolutely. …

The New York Times says:

... withholds a lot of information, including why Reddington turned himself in and why he feels a kinship with Elizabeth, who is fresh out of Quantico and has no known history with him or his criminal career. Once those questions are cleared up, what’s left is a more commonplace procedural: Reddington manipulating the top brass while helping Elizabeth track down dangerous suspects. …

The Los Angeles Times says:

... The set up is promising, the writing is clever enough and Boone hits her marks like a pro. But Spader? He's having a blast, and ensuring that we do the same.

The Chicago Sun-Times says:

... could be the fall’s best new drama if it doesn’t veer off course and drive into the ditches of hokey predictability or outrageous implausibility. …

The Washington Post says:

... The pilot episode is stylish and swiftly paced, but that’s all it is, and despite some intriguing plot twists, there’s not a lot of motivation to keep coming back. …

The San Francisco Chronicle says:

... the first really terrific new series of the fall season. …

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says:

... viewers who can handle the twists and turns will be intrigued, particularly by Mr. Spader's performance. He's perfectly cast as the show's enigmatic lead character, a self-amused mastermind with a murky past who's just as comfortable being cheeky as menacing. …

The Boston Herald says:

... doesn’t have the pulse, say, of a “24,” but it races in the right direction. …

USA Today says:

... while for now Spader is enough, it would help the show's long-term chances if the other characters grew to match him, something the writers undoubtedly have planned. Or they'd better. …

The Hollywood Reporter says:

... First, it’s got James Spader at the center of it, giving a dazzling performance that should make viewers want to come back every week for more. Secondly, it’s a procedural – which viewers really love, but there’s an over-arching element to the premise as well that makes it intriguing without making it overly complicated. In short, a winning combo. …

Variety says:

... Creating a toothy vehicle for James Spader, few series can boast such a compelling central figure, even if his cryptic comments and opaque motives risk giving way to a rather familiar procedural. …



TV-on-Disc Calendar

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Ninjago 3.x Vol. 1
Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation: Turtle Power!
Perry Mason Movie Collection Vol. 3
Power Rangers In Space Vol. 1
Top Gear 21.x
Transformers Cybertron: The Complete Series


This Week

Bitten 1.x

The Blacklist 1.x

The Blacklist 1.x (Blu-ray)

Ghost Hunters 9.x Vol. 1

Gunsmoke 10.x

Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Vol. 3 (Blu-ray)

Power Rangers Megaforce Vol. 5

Survivor 18.x


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Alpha House 1.x

Alpha House 1.x (Blu-ray)
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The Mindy Project 2.x
NCIS 11.x

The Name of the Game 1.x

Newhart 4.x

Once Upon A Time 3.x

Parenthood 5.x

Parks and Recreation 6.x

Revolution 2.x
Three's Company: The Complete Series

August 26
Austin & Ally Vol. 2
Beast Machines: The Complete Series
Breathless: The Complete Miniseries
Criminal Minds 9.x
CyberSix: The Complete Series

Elementary 2.x
The Equalizer 2.x
Good Luck Charlie: So Long, Farewell!
Gravity Falls: Even Stranger

Haven 4.x

Heartland 4.x
The Men From Shiloh: Special Edition (The Virginian 9.x)
The Musketeers 1.x
The Musketeers 1.x (Blu-ray)

Now and Again: The Complete Series

Portlandia 4.x
Revenge 3.x
Sons of Anarchy 6.x

Sons of Anarchy 6.x (Blu-ray)

Twilight Zone: The Complete 1985-1989 Series

Twilight Zone: The Essential Episodes
The Walking Dead 4.x

The Walking Dead 4.x (Blu-ray)

The Walking Dead 4.x Limited Edition (Blu-ray)

Welcome Back, Kotter: The Complete Series

September 2
Benson 1.x/2.x ($14.98)
Bonanza 7.x
Chicago Fire 2.x
Chicago PD 1.x
Crossbones 1.x

Doctor Who 4.x Vol. 2
Duck Dynasty: Quack Or Treat
Grey's Anatomy 10.x
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 9.x

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 9.x (Blu-ray)
The League 5.x
The League 5.x (Blu-ray)

New Girl 3.x

The Originals 1.x (Blu-ray)
Person of Interest 3.x

Person of Interest 3.x (Blu-ray)

Soap 1.x/2.x ($14.98)
What's Happening!! 1.x/2.x ($14.98)
Woody Woodpecker and Friends Halloween Favorites

September 9
Blue Bloods 4.x
Curse of Oak Island 1.x

Doctor Who: Deep Breath NEW!!

Doctor Who: Deep Breath (Blu-ray) NEW!!
Dynasty 9.x
The Goldbergs 1.x
Homeland 3.x

Homeland 3.x (Blu-ray)
Little House on the Prairie 3.x (Blu-ray)
Perry Mason Double Features
Regular Show: Rigby Pack
Supernatural 9.x

Supernatural 9.x (Blu-ray)
The Vampire Diaries 5.x

The Vampire Diaries 5.x (Blu-ray)
Sabrina: A Witch and the Werewolf

The World Wars: The Complete Miniseries NEW!!

The World Wars: The Complete Miniseries (Blu-ray) NEW!!

September 16
About A Boy 1.x

Arrow 2.x (Blu-ray)

Awkward 3.x
Ben 10: Galactic Monsters

The Big Bang Theory 7.x
The Big Bang Theory 7.x (Blu-ray)
Bones 9.x
Burning Love 2.x/3.x
Carol Burnett: Show Ultimate Collection
Castle 6.x
CSI 14.x
Denver The Last Dinosaur
Elvira's Coffin Collection

From Dusk Till Dawn 1.x
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Grimm 3.x

Grimm 3.x (Blu-ray)

Hannibal 2.x (Blu-ray)
Hawaii Five-0 4.x
Hawaii Five-0 4.x (Blu-ray)
Highway to Heaven 5.x ($10.49)
Prisoners of War 2.x
The Roosevelts

The Roosevelts (Blu-ray)
Sleepy Hollow 1.x

Sleepy Hollow 1.x (Blu-ray)
South Park 17.x

South Park 17.x (Blu-ray)

Spartacus: The Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

Spartacus: The Complete Collection Limited Edition (Blu-ray)
XIII 1.x
XIII 2.x
Tour of Duty 1.x
TV's Spookiest Halloween Episodes

September 23

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.x

China Beach 4.x
Defiance 2.x

Defiance 2.x (Blu-ray)
The Following 2.x

The Following 2.x (Blu-ray)

How I Met Your Mother 9.x

How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Series
Key & Peele 3.x

L.A. Law 3.x
Law & Order SVU 15.x
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Green With Evil
Modern Family 5.x

Modern Family 5.x (Blu-ray)

Mom 1.x
Nashville 2.x
Necessary Roughness 3.x
The 100 1.x

The 100 1.x (Blu-ray)
Reign 1.x
Royal Pains 5.x
Scandal 3.x
State Trooper: The Complete Series
The Tom & Jerry Show 1.x Vol. 1

24: The Complete Series Plus Live Another Day

September 30
Beware The Batman 1.x Vol. 2

Beware The Batman 1.x Vol. 2 (Blu-ray)
The Donna Reed Show 1.x
The Mentalist 6.x
Mike & Molly 4.x
My Little Pony: The Complete Original Series
NYPD Blue 7.x
24 9.x

24 9.x (Blu-ray)
Zane Grey Theater 2.x

October 7
Adventure Time 4.x

Adventure Time 4.x (Blu-ray)
Afterlife 2.x
Almighty Johnsons 1.x

Almighty Johnsons 1.x (Blu-ray)

American Horror Story 3.x (Blu-ray)
Ancient Aliens 6.x Vol. 1
Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish
Bates Motel 2.x

Bates Motel 2.x (Blu-ray)

China Beach: The Complete Series
Dick Van Dyke Show Halloween

Duck Dynasty 6.x (Blu-ray) NEW!!
Hemlock Grove 1.x

Hemlock Grove 1.x (Blu-ray)

In The Flesh 2.x

Life & Times of Grizzly Adams: Once Upon a Starry Night NEW!!

The Office: The Complete Series
Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated 2.x
Penny Dreadful 1.x
Penny Dreadful 1.x (Blu-ray)
Power Rangers In Space Vol. 2
Psych: The Complete Series

Rick and Morty 1.x

Rick and Morty 1.x (Blu-ray)
Woody Woodpecker and Friends Holiday Favorites

October 14

Courage The Cowardly Dog 2.x

Dracula 1.x
Fargo 1.x

Fargo 1.x (Blu-ray)

Jackass: The Classic TV Collection NEW!!
Murdoch Mysteries 7.x

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2
Two and a Half Men 11.x
2 Broke Girls 3.x

October 21
Annie Oakley: The Complete Series
Ghost Hunters 9.x Vol. 2

Pee-Wee's Playhouse: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

Pee-wee's Playhouse 1.x-2.x (Special Edition) NEW!!
The Soul Man 2.x

October 28

WKRP In Cincinnati: The Complete Series

November 4

Hill Street Blues 3.x NEW!!

Perry Mason Movie Collection 4 NEW!!

Sgt. Bilko: The Complete Series NEW!!

November 11

Batman 1.x

Batman: The Complete Series

Batman: The Complete Series Limited Edition (Blu-ray)
Highway To Heaven: The Complete Series

Quincy 7.x NEW!!
Starsky & Hutch: The Complete Series

November 14
Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Vol. 3 (DVD)
Poirot 13.x

December 9
The Jeffersons: The Comlete Series NEW!!

February 17

Game of Thrones 4.x

Game Of Thrones 4.x (Blu-ray)

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