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Check out these rare and awesome outtakes from Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a little dose of movie geekery to kick off your week. Sergio Leone's landmark spaghetti western A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS celebrates its 50th birthday this year and some really cool outtakes from the film have been brought to my attention by the folks at Cinetropolis.

The actual footage from the Cineteca Di Bologna archives was posted a couple months ago, but they seemed to sneak out there with little fanfare as the youtube clip embedded below has fewer than 6,000 views. So, while it might not be brand spankin' new news, it's a fair bet most of you good folks haven't gotten a chance to check this out yet.

It looks like most of these outtakes are just that, with a lot of fumbling of guns and crew members popping up in the shot, but there's a goodly amount of footage that appears to be from the heads and tails of scenes as the slate is up. In these brief bits you'll get to see Sergio Leone at work.

Anyway, it's super cool. Check it out:



-Eric Vespe
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