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JJ Abrams announces the winner of the Episode 7 set visit via a new picture from the set. Is it you?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Bad Robot's twitter announced that their Force For Change compaign for Unicef raised over $5 million via a note written by JJ Abrams, held in a robotic hand no less.

Abrams also announced the winner of the grand prize set visit. Sadly that winner wasn't Eric Vespe, but I'll get over that in a couple weeks, so don't feel too badly for me.

Did you win? If your name is DC Barns the answer is yes. Congrats, DC Barns. The whole internet hates you now, but congrats!



Now today's Star Wars guessing game is underway. Who's hand is that? Some background droid? Luke's robot hand without skin? Did C3PO get his gold plating stripped away? The robot part of Darth Vader who Terminator style pulled itself from the bonfire on Endor and has been roaming the galaxy ever since? WE GOTS TO KNOW!!!

-Eric Vespe
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